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Reputation and quality standards for over 45 years

IsOn Import-Export Co., Ltd. is a specialist in manufacturing and distribution of Emergency lighting luminaires, Exit Sign Lighting Luminaires, Central Control Unit Emergency Lighting and is an importer of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, including Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries under the brand "Sunny".

Emergency light products "Sunny" brand have been in the market for over 45 years. Our products have been sold to markets throughout Thailand and neighboring countries, such as leading department stores, electrical equipment store, distribution center, modern trading group and general contractor companies. Sunny’s products have been tested and certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and became the first distributor in Thailand that received TISI Standard 1102-2538 on 24 July 1995 and received TISI Standard 1955-2542 up to the present and the product development has been done continuously until receiving TISI Standard 1955-2551.

Our company not only improves the product development but also continuously develops the production process. In addition, the company also sees the importance regarding the development of partner recruitment in procuring quality raw materials for us in order to obtain quality products as well as personnel management by providing training and cultivation for all employees to work efficiently and to give the first priority to customers. From the above mentioned, we use the ISO quality management system as a guideline for development.

Our company is committed to be the market leader in emergency lighting system innovation in the region and neighboring countries and will develop the ability to produce excellence in quality, products receive both domestic and international standards, and use creative production process by using Lean System to manage waste or process loss to increase productivity, reduce mistakes and create the highest effectiveness as well as add value in the part of fast service for the customers’ satisfaction.



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